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iPad 2 – The purchase

Just a short post to tell you something you may have expexted… After much anticipation, the iPad2 was released into the Australian wild minutes ago, as I do not have an apple store near me, I chose to online ordering...

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Apple Releases the iPad 2

Well it happened at 4am our time this auspicious morning, Apple released it’s hotly anticipated iPad2. In a succinct way, I just wanted to recap the highlights for those interested. The questions that have been on the mind...

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I know this is not in line with the theme of my blog… but I thought I would share it anyway. Some time ago I was linked to an internode blog article, for those of you who are not familiar with internode, they are an ISP...

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Geeky Nostalgia

The over-arching tone of my blog is indeed a Spiritual one, and that is not changing, however, a long long time ago in a galaxy far far away, I was once well and truly ensconced in geekdom, that mysterious culture, where...

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Video Camera

For a while now I have had the Sony DCRSR47S video camcorder, unfortunately like most other cameras in it’s price-range it records in mpeg2 meaning there is no real nice way or pulling it into an NLE like Final Cut Pro or...

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I Serve a Great God

Ok, I know not all you out there are of a Christian mind and i respect that but for those of you who are… Here is something awesome that happened today… today was the regional day at Church where (in our case) the 3...

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