Video Camera

by | May 20, 2010 | Tech

For a while now I have had the Sony DCRSR47S video camcorder, unfortunately like most other cameras in it’s price-range it records in mpeg2 meaning there is no real nice way or pulling it into an NLE like Final Cut Pro or Adobe Premier, so I have somewhat used it half-heartedly, never really having the time or inclination to figure it out, so this week I thought i’d give it one last go before I cured it’s ills by sending it to the ebay academy.

Quite quickly really, I came across MPEG streamclip demuxed the audio and then it gleefully imported straight into Final Cut, this has effectively now given me a new toy, so I am looking forward to adding video to my blogging endeavors.

Also with my recent acquisition of Final Cut Studio it is quite simply good news all round.

Looking forward to jumping into it, and taking you all with me!


pic of camera and FCP