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Why am I telling you about Curry?

Ok, so I know this is out of character for this blog. I am usually contemplating theological, personal development or entrepreneurial ideas (or just posting cool things about my son), but I was talking to a few friends of mine...

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Maternity Photos

As most of you know, we are expecting our first awesome little person on or about the third of March. So we are certainly on the parental rollercoaster with all its new, beautiful and unexpected experiences.

Amongst all those experiences we have been so busy that it has taken this long to…

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The Power of Questions

More effective than you think

TOJ#2: The Power of Questions

I used to think that questions were only for unintelligent people, then I found out the opposite is true, smart people ask questions.

In this episode I tell you how questions have improved my life and also share the exact list of questions that I use to bring clarity to my days.

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Intro to the experiment

An Orator's Journey

New experiment starting tomorrow!

I am about to conduct an experiment. Ideally it will be entertaining for you and be a self-improvement experiment for me.

I would explain it here, but as you will soon discover, that would defeat the purpose, so have a listen to the attached audio, and all will become clear!

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