Apple Releases the iPad 2

by | Mar 3, 2011 | Tech

Well it happened at 4am our time this auspicious morning, Apple released it’s hotly anticipated iPad2. In a succinct way, I just wanted to recap the highlights for those interested.

The questions that have been on the mind of every gadget guru have been “What will the iPad 2 do to secure its place?” “Will it fail?” “Will it rise to the challenge of new competitors like the Motorola Xoom?” The tablet market is hostile but Apple did what they do best, they create and sell their products at the intersection of Technology and Liberal arts with an added module called lifestyle, you see, they do not sell the product so much as they do the experience.

So, without further waffling… what will it sport?

  • New Dual core A5 Processer (significant speed boost)
  • Twin Cameras (for Facetime video conferencing)
  • New Thinner Form factor (Now only 8.8mm thick)
  • Still the same 10 Hour battery life.
  • Still the same price (yay)

It will be coming to our Australian shores on March 25

The also announced software starting with iOS 4.3 then going on to cover iMovie and Garage Band for iPad all very well made and quite cheap too from the AppStore.

It is also significant to mention that Apple luminary, Steve Jobs, who has been away on medical leave (relating to a past liver transplant after having pancreatic cancer) was there to make the presentation or “Stevenote” as it has been called, this will be a real confidence booster for investors as a large part of what makes Apple “Apple” is Steve and his talent as a forward thinker and innovator. Hopefully he is healthy and back at the helm permanently.

Will I be getting one?

The short answer is yes. just waiting for pre-ordering to open 🙂