I am not an alarmist and usually abhor sharing petitions, but as someone who loves both technology and history I feel this is one I am in a position to share.

This petition is asking the government to preserve physical cash in law.

Seems weird, I know.

Hear me out…

I’m fascinated by crypto and I think it has some excellent, potentially world-changing applications, but as common government currencies turn digital (which is also fine by me), that introduces a level of control and surveillance that has never been seen before, and if society is totally cashless you will not be able to opt-out. Ever.

Is that so bad?

With a fair government working in the best interest of the people? not bad at all. In fact, it’s very convenient, but when I look at world history I see that it is all too easy for a “good” government to become progressively corrupt or radicalize in ways no one could foresee.

In the 70’s Iran was the most culturally progressive, western styled country in the entire region. That changed. Who saw that coming?

I love Australia, but I am also in favour of setting what failsafes in place we can to preserve freedoms we currently possess.

That’s why I’m signing this petition.

*Disclaimer: This petition may be a blunt instrument and I agree there are likely better ways to do what I am suggesting and certainly better ways to articulate it, but I believe it is heading in the right direction.

Thanks for attending my TED talk😅


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