What would you die for?

by | Mar 11, 2009 | Adventist, Life

“Life is not worth living until you have found something worth dying for”

These words echoed around my head when I first heard them… I spent the proceeding minutes allowing them to sink in, and my thought process reached critical mass, do I believe in God or don’t I? if the answer is “No” I have been living a lie, if the answer is “Yes” the way I live my life needs to change.

After some thought I reached the inescapable conclusion, there is indeed a God… a God who loved me enough to sacrifice his own Son that I could have life, in view of these facts, I realized this was something worth dying for, and if it is worth dying for, then it is certainly worth living for.

If we agree there is a Great Controversy going on between good and evil / Christ and satan it is obvious that a side must be chosen. In this struggle there is sadly no room for mediocrity, apathy or “fence sitters” there rarely is in wars…

Ok, God is real, worth dying for and we have a war on our hands how does this impact my life, well, step one is to get to know my Boss better, as one draws closer to God his voice becomes clearer, but just like if you are at a noisy party or on the tarmac next to a jet that is taking off, it won’t matter how close your friend is to you, it is always going to be hard to hear them because of the noise going on around you. It is the same with God you can get closer to him but until you clear the static out of your life you won’t be able to hear what he is saying…

Now I am not telling you to run out and burn all your worldly possessions, I am saying in my life, anything that separates me from God has to go, whatever makes the voice of the Holy Spirit less audible has to go, for a man of my interests that means most of my music must go, (this one was a long and tough struggle to decide) music was designed to worship God so I choose to only fill my mind with heavenly music.

It means most of what I watched on TV had to go, most movies too, in many cases it is not that they are “Bad Things” in and of themselves, but they are things that take many hours out of my life and give me nothing in return, in turn taking time I could be spending with God, same with much of what I did on the internet, it was just to while away time where now I am in the process or regulating myself down to the things I perceive to be of value, using it to communicate with friends, Design and necessary research.

Like it says in Phillippians 4:8 Finally, brethren, whatever things are true, whatever things are noble, whatever things are just, whatever things are pure, whatever things are lovely, whatever things are of good report, if there is any virtue and if there is anything praiseworthy—meditate on these things.

Well that was phase one, reconstructing my personal life, as it has been some time since making the above changes I am happy to report, that while is is not the magic bullet to a trouble-free life or anything like that, it has certainly done amazing things for me spiritually, my study of scripture has become more meaningful, generally my attention span is much better, as is my relationship with my family (as they adopted similar changes soon after)

Now back to my main point, if you are really willing to die for something you must be willing to sacrifice things in your life the amazing thing is, once you give up those things it is amazing, not only do I not think of them, but I now actually have a distaste for them… that shows you what the Holy spirit can do in your life…

Before you label me some kooky legalist, please understand… you live a righteous life and are obedient because you Love the Savior, never in order to BE saved, works cannot save you, for by GRACE are you saved THROUGH FAITH in Jesus.

If you don’t see things the same way I am not here to bash you with it,
but I am more than happy to discuss this with anyone.

God Bless.