I am scheduling this to post  as I begin my sermon tomorrow (11am, May 7, 2011). Rather than copying all my notes, to make it more useful if anyone wants the material this post will be somewhat of a synopsis of the sermon and the full transcript you will find available as a pdf download.

In this Sermon I have drawn four secrets for “living behind enemy lines”(Earth during the great controversy) and getting out alive, right out of the book of Esther.

  • Wait Diligently – Do not grow weary doing good – Galatians 6:9/Esther2:21 – 23
  • Do not compromise – Never go against your convictions – Hebrews 10:26/Esther 3:1 – 6
  • Let the Spirit use You – Do the bidding of the Holy Spirit – Esther 4:12
  • Leave it with God – Let Him fight your battles – Exodus 14:14/Esther 7:5 – 10
Having established these good examples for us to follow. It is then important for us to look to Jesus because of the strong parallels between the story of Esther and the Great Controversy itself. Really this is not the Mordecai Theory at all. It is, in fact the Jesus Reality. Mordecai was a type of Christ, the whole story blesses us not only with a Microcosm of the great controversy but the Living example set for us by Jesus, which was pointed to by the life of Mordecai.
To know more… download the 8 page version: The Mordecai Theory

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