As I write this it is not so much for the sake of it being a new post, it is to help me organize my thoughts on a sermon I am preparing.

I am collaborating with a Brother of mine on this sermon, where he will be opening and I will be concluding, the sermon title is “Walking the Talk” the objective of this sermon is practical Christianity dealing first with “What is the Talk” and secondly, “How to walk it” (apply it to your life) Kevin will be dealing with point one, so this post will predominantly be dealing with the “How to walk it” question.

Objective: To Give Glory to God Bringing as many as possible into his marvelous light.

To do this, Life should include;

  • A relationship with Jesus.
  • Experience based, unshakable faith.
  • Agape Love for all.

These three elements, all emanate from point 1, a relationship with Jesus, unfortunately, Satan places many road-blocks in our path to this relationship, he spreads lies, he tries to condition our minds and attack our bodies, all so our connection to the Lord is impaired. He does this because he is terrified of the results when a Child of God is sent onto the battlefield.

So, how is it done?

Step 1: We must examine ourselves in light of scripture, to understand our own helpless state.

Step 2: Pray, never underestimate prayer, Paul said to pray without ceasing, pray that the Lord would finish the work he started in you, just as he said he would (phil 1:6)

Step 3: Ask Him to reveal all of your personal road blocks, and indeed pray for his help to remove them from your way, these road blocks can take the form of nearly anything, anything you put before God, that could be your job, a sport, some form of media, (TV/Internet) whatever it is that you are prioritizing over your maker, re evaluate it’s place in your life.

Step 4: Keep coming back to Jesus, you can do this at any time but when you have reduced the “Noise” satan tends to keep us busy with, it makes it so much easier to connect wholly with Jesus.

Step 5: Get to know Him, he left the 2 great channels of communication open to us… read the letter he spent all of history writing to you, and you can reply to him in prayer.

Step 6: Get the experience. as you get to know him your faith will naturally grow, it is truly beautiful, the way he designed this to happen, as you start having faith in him for the little things (like helping you find your keys) your faith will grow to a point where you are entrusting him with the care of yourself and your family, living your life from one leap of faith to the next, this is the experience your faith is rooted in, just like a child will jump into a parents arms totally confident in the parents ability to catch them so must we build our faith in an omnipotent God who forsook his own son so we would never need to be forsaken.

Step 7: If you spend enough time watching God come through for the Saints, over and over the love and blessings he lavishes upon you will soon be too voluminous to be contained and you will love and be a blessing to those around you with all spontaneity.

That is it. I can guarantee you will have difficulties, and fall, but falling down is not the problem, praise the Lord the Bible says it is the righteous man who keeps getting to his feet, not the one who does not Fall, that was Jesus…

(already almost got the next revision done, that is where Emmaus comes in … stay tuned…)

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