Nice Morning

by | Jan 24, 2008 | Life

Good afternoon all.

This post is reasonably superfluous but still I enjoyed myself so I am posting about it… thismorning I got up early to go down to the esplanade (ie: I was gone by 7am) it is a beautiful spot down there, well actually it is full of beautiful spots as there is about 15km’s of esplanade, anyway I went down there took my training hooves, Bible and i was set, really enjoyed myself.(see pic below)

Threw myself at a few railings practicing my current sport of choice, Parkour/Freerunning (i will tell you the difference one day) it is one of the better places available to me for training, nice evenly spaced rails for combo’s to practice “Flow” etc. When I started to make mistakes (ie: tired) I retired to a park bench for some Bible study with a view of the water, then I returned home, so I am sore etc but feeling really content.

Wherever you are, make a point of enjoying your surroundings, I used to get so busy, even though i live less than 2 minutes Drive from the beach I wouldn’t go for months on end just because i couldn’t be bothered or I was too busy, now I am making time for it and enjoying the benefits.

Get out of your seat and enjoy the world around you.