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by | Dec 29, 2010 | Family, music

It will be no surprise to friends or regular readers that I like guitars, all shapes and sizes are welcome as long as they are in tune…

Well. it finally happenned.
I have been playing guitar for 2 years… 90% of that time on my trusty Livingstone (which is a rebadged one of these- the 640 )
I have also been threatening to get a nice guitar for some time, even though I know it is likely years away (essential purchases must limit Guitar acquisitions). However I still keep going to my local music shop and playing everything new that comes through…

About six months ago a particular guitar arrived, I asked the guy what was new, he put a guitar in my hands, (a Tanglewood TW70 spruce top, mahogany back and sides) and told me it was his favorite that had been through the shop for some time (he knew I had no money to buy so it was just some fun) I played it… and it spoke to me in a language all its own, I even took a photo of it with my phone so I could show others and look it up later… I went in and played it again another day, but the next time I went in… it had been sold. oh well… I hung it on the “if i only had…” hook in my memory and left…

Unknown to me… having heard my comments, my parents were the ones who purchased it! they have been hiding it from me since then.

Needless to say I was duly shocked to unwrap this same guitar on Christmas morning! to be clear… I was expecting some shirts and a few books, with which I would have been more than happy, but I was blessed with a guitar much nicer than I could ever expect to have. That was only yesterday… and yes my fingers are already so sore you would not believe it 


Click the link below to see the rest of the photos;…TW70#slideshow

I have played several tanglewood guitars before, but have never been particularly impressed by them, for me they were always the guitar you shrugged at and reply “yeah… not bad” but this (to my ears anyway) is a remarkably different beast.

I pray that the Lord will one day make me a player worthy of the instrument.

Merry Christmas and thanks for reading.

God Bless.

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