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by | Mar 20, 2010 | Adventist, gospel

Next year (2011) Pr Gary Webster will be Coming to Run an evangelistic campaign right here, so in order to prepare and be sure the ground is plowed, he is here this weekend getting the Church family ready for the upcoming evangelism.

Last night was the beginning of this endeavor, Part one of the Friendship evangelism workshop. Pr Gary dealt with the topic of love, here are some points which were covered.

Definitions of Love

  • Love is an Action
  • Love is intentional never accidental.
  • Christians are delivery systems for God’s Love.

We must make love our aim.

Basic Principles and Skills.

  1. Act first- if you don’t chances are they never will.
  2. Biblical love is action – feelings develop later.
  3. Accept others as they are
  4. Be available
    1. Be ready to commit the needed time
    2. Relationships take time to develop
    3. Get involved in their world
  5. Do not make assumptions about people
  6. It takes time to learn the skills of love
  7. the more we practice, the less fewar we will have.
  8. Enjoy being with others who are outside Christ
  9. Do it now – Do not procrastinate.
  10. Do more listening than talking.
  11. Invite people to share a meal with you, Hospitality is the golden Key to the heart.

Share your Personal Testimony

  • Your life before meeting Jesus
  • How you met him
  • Your life since you met him

Put into practice these are extremely effective principles, I just pray that the whole church will be inspired by the Holy spirit to apply what we have learned, it is love that draws people to Christ.