Heath Ledger-Dead.

by | Jan 23, 2008 | Events

Well, i think it is safe to say we were all shocked to see the headline today, “Heath Ledger-Dead” it brings the chickens home to roost, so-to-speak, doesn’t it… Regardless of his fame he was still just like the rest of us. I must say, it gave me that pang of uneasiness, I was a fan, not like I am part of a screaming mob but I did really appreciate most of his movies (particularly a Knight’s Tale).

Death is one of the most common things around yet we still never seem to get used to it, it makes one wonder if there is any grudge worth carrying, you never know when your eternity will begin, you could be hit by a bus, you just dont know, that is why we should always have our lives in order, make peace wherever possible, whether Heath’s death was an accident or suicide we don’t know, but my point remains the same.

My thoughts and prayers will be with his family tonight.

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