Well my morning has Had a totally legendary start… let me start at the beginning…

5:30: Awake

5:35-6:00: stretch/exercise

6:00-6:45 do the SPL/message check/internet thing

6:45-7:10 Breakfast

7:15: Grab Bible and go for walk… my road is currently a dead end and the last few hundred meters of it, is vacant grassy land which is where I went, I even thought to take a rug with me to sit on… I spread my orange blanket and parked with my Bible… 20 minutes later a police car arrived, I stood up and wandered over to them.

“G’day Guys”

“Hi, is this your property sir?”

“No, actually it’s not”

“Where do you live” 

“See that white roof over there on the hill, thats my house”

“ok, what were you upto here today”

I pointed at my open Bible on the ground and stated “Bible study”

He seemed satisfied with my reply and seemed to turn into a pretty good bloke “There have been some complaints about a peeping tom in this particular street and someone has called the police and identified me as the culprit, acting suspiciously with an orange blanket, laying in the field” I actually saw on his notepad, orange blanket, long plait, black shirt.

alltogether he seemed pretty dismissive after chatting to me for a minute, then he asked “Would you happen to have some ID on you?” 

“No, by thats my house and if you hold on a sec I will pack up and get it for you”

“Not a problem, we will give you a lift if you like”

“That would be great, thanks”

They bought me home, complimented me for the nice house, had a bit of a laugh about me being labeled a peeping tom, took my details, admired the view, declined a coffee and left.

at this point Mum asked exctly where I was, when I walked around the back of the house to show her where I was, we saw a mark on the wall…


After which we saw what left the mark… Grubus Giganticus…


So yeah. my Day is off to a good start… whats next? a kilt wearing whale knocking on my door asking for a cup of sugar?


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