Well, where to start… I have been meaning to write this post for a while now, but the story keeps developing, now, I finally have a little time to fill you all in on recent happenings around these parts…

It all started on the Monday before last (16/6/08 ) when I got a call from a mate of mine asking me to call by the hospital and pickup his ute because he was in for surgery, this was apparently thanks to flipping off his bike during a jump, the bike fell back on him breaking his thumb and dislocating it.

I of course went to the hospital to retrieved his ute, and while I was there, I extended our family hospitality to him, if he wanted to stay with us until he could look after himself again, he accepted and came to stay with us after he was discharged the next day (Tuesday).

This was fine until Tuesday afternoon when he offered me a ride on his bike (yes thats right, the same one which fell on him) I said “sure”, I also told him that I had never ridden anything like this beast, but i’ll try most things at least once, so i had a crack at it, needless to say I let the clutch out too fast, dug a ditch in the back lawn, popped it up onto the back wheel and promptly fell on my butt, luckily the bike fell to the side and not right back at me. Pride was bruised along with my butt but it was ok, I proceeded to ride it around the yard once just to satisfy my innate desire to succeed (before parking it in the shed).

Things went wonderfully again until Saturday night when our 2 old Jack Russle Terriers (Snap and Sally) decided to have their first serious fight in history, Mum tried to separate them and succeeded, but not before Getting bitten…through the middle finger, dislocating it, with dad’s help she put it back in, but still, thanks to a little germ warfare, by the Sunday morning she had a hand like a football, so, it was off to the hospital.

Mum wouldn’t let me go with her, as usual, so I went to the 18th birthday which we were all supposed to go to. It was on the grass foreshore here in Hervey Bay. When I arrived, we commenced a lively game of Ultimate Frisbee.

It was excellent for the first minute or two but sadly while chasing down the frisbee, I stepped into an hole the approximate size of my rapidly descending foot, as my weight oscillated onto that foot I heard a crunch , followed by stabbing pain, yes, I had indeed rolled my ankle. When I had regained the ability to speak, two of the blokes there helped me back to the picnic blanket where I sat for a while, allowing my ankle time to befriend an ice-brick from the esky.

After cake cutting/singing etc I put in a call to the Family transport service, (Mum) who had been bandaged, medicated and discharged from hospital. After being carried to the car by a couple of fine individuals (Merekat and Martin for those of you playing at home) Mum drove me to the hospital, I was seen by the same triage nurse and treated by the same doctor, even placed in the same bed mum had been on, just a couple of hours earlier.

After X-rays I was told there was no fracture, but I had done all the ligaments and sprained it severely. which, according to the doc will take just as long to heal as a break. Anyway, I ended up in plaster from the knee down.

Not content to leave the story there, Mum had to go back to the hospital to be re-evaluated on Wednesday morning, unfortunately the infection had traveled into the tube surrounding the tendon attached to her middle finger, immobilizing it. This of course, had to be operated on, therefore, the 3 of us waited from about 7:30am until 6:00pm before they took her into theater.

Mum returned home the next day (Thursday morning) and since then there have been no more injuries. The only news since then is the fact the doc took my cast off today (Friday), exchanging it for a pressure bandage thingy, but I am still going to need crutches for over a month, which is all kinds of fun.

In short, before I sign off, I thought I would let you know why all of the above honestly excites me, as much as I believe there is a loving God, I believe there is a devil and the fact he is attacking me and my family is reason to rejoice, at the moment we are working for God harder than ever before, I knew satan would not be able to leave us alone too long, but thanks to my Heavenly Father we are spiritually healthy and none of the physical injuries were major.

Life is Good!
and so is my maker!

More pics for ye who doubt.

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