Well, thanks to all the walking of yesterday I didn’t surface until the rediculous time of 9am

At which time a performed my morning rituals and went in search of internet, the most cost-effective location was indeed the “lounge room” I had sat in the day before in the Pier Center.

So after doing battle with the note feeder and the caretaker re-booting the system, I was away, (setup was a string of dell thin-clients from what i can tell) I buzzed through messages from my fine readers (this means you) and posted the first 3 days of the trip on this very blog.

After I had my fill of the internet, i scooted off in search of food, a kebab was what I felt like and indeed, a kebab was what i found, but not just any kebab… THE greatest kebab known to this connoisseur of kebabs… it was enough to fill me up, it was moist yet did not fall apart at the end, did not leave a greasy residue in my mouth, and to top it all off, it tasted fantastic.

After that, I did retire to my room, as my feet were less than impressed about the caining I had given them the day before, I watched a bit of TV then hooked into some serious reading of the books I brought with me, the Case for Christ, by Lee Strobel (required reading for ANYONE in my humble opinion) Satisfied by Mark Finlay, my Bible and Identity Wars by Adrian Ebens, this was followed by a healthy dose of music. At this time (8:00pm) Mum and Dad arrived, after settling them in, we went to “La Pizza” for dinner,a nice Italian woodfired Pizza place a couple of blocks further along the esplanade.

All up it was a great evening and we ended up getting home and crashing by about midnight.

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