I surfaced sometime around 7am, Had my morning devotions, then switched from recouperate mode to explore mode, I first found my way to the esplanade (which was a nice stroll) then I decided to hang a right and head back into town where the main shopping center is, on the way I saw a massive sign, “GUITARS AND UKE’S” so I couldnt help myself, I went in, had a look, took some photos and talked to the owner, “Brent” played the bongo’s and an electric Uke, which was an interesting experience

As I moved on, there was another music store, less than 50 metres down the street, but this one was different, more DJ gear etc, but not a cool as the first one, I did hang around long enough to play all the different kinds of Bass guitar they had, and answer a call from a very good friend, after that, I did eventually find Cairns Central shopping center, monsterous place that it is, when I had been one end to the other I decided to return to the food court for lunch, there were many choices, subway, KFC, curry, carvery, maccas, JB-hifi, keba- huh?… yeah, thats what I thought, why is there a JB-HiFi in the middle of the food court? but I knew something about this JB… it was not just any JB, it is the JB of my fellow denizen of the online community: Speedlabs … some say his forehead was erected for the sole purpose of art, others say he is a luminary of tech culture, and can only be contained by an egg of the spotted newt, all we know, is he is called The Morris. [For those of you not familiar with “Top Gear” “The Stig” “AtomicMPC” or “Speedlabs” I don’t expect any of the above to make sense to you]

I eventually spotted the man and called to him “Morris!” I was met with “Yes…” and a blank stare, which I expected “I’m Glitch” ah! that made sense to him, we had a bit of a chat which was cool, I finally got to meet the guy etc. after that I ended up having lunch and continuing on my way, I took a more direct route back and found another cooler area of town, an huge plaza, terminating near the large pier shopping/dining/office/lifestyle center which is where I am sitting at the moment in some very convenient lounges, typing this post.

After retiring to my room I received a message from Morris, so, as per volley of messages, I returned to the esplanade to meet Morris at a cafe, it was great, we had a chance to catch up,etc we then wandered the esplanade for quite a while, he is actually a pretty awesome guy, now I know him better I have much respect for the man. however, before parting ways a photo must be taken…

Again I returned to my room, after a little relaxing I decided I should eat something, so I made the 20minute round trip to maccas and then crashed.

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