Well, we are at the end of my social experiment. i have learned much.

1: I have been sleeping better as screen time immediately before going to bed ruins your best sleep. (i have replaced this with reading)

2: Work life has been more productive, i am acquiring more clients and completing their jobs in more streamlined and focused ways.

3: I Have been having more time with my family which is reward in and of itself.

4: I have had more time to develop my guitar playing abilities (this has been a real blessing)

5: Last but not least i have had a more real awareness and quality time with God.

I have now decided to institute Phase:2, removing my previous rule of 1 browse per week on Saturday nights. I will now leave it up to my own discretion for 1 week, and see if the old habits return, if they do, I will again apply some rules to my browsing habits.

Assuming all go’s well, I won’t be on here often, but rest assured I will be around 🙂

I strongly encourage you all to look at your life, find the time wasters… and deal with them.

Blessings to you all.