Vehicles, in one way or another, we all use them, getting from “A” to “B”, work to play and all those other fine trips.

One would think I would have taken an interest in cars, due to the fact my Dad is Mr Mechanic Extraordinaire, however, this never really occurred, until I got a car of my own, then I started to take some interest in the topic, sadly, the taste I have developed is one for the exotics, Aston martin, Maserati, BMW, Mercedes. Needless to say anything i like is insanely expensive, I have been content thus far, to drool over these fine examples of power and styling…

That is until the recent petrol price-hike, my trusty ’91 Hilux has begun to dig into my shallow hip-pocket at a furious pace… this caused me to start looking at smaller cars, I quickly drew a conclusion, if you want a car that is good on economy, you are reduced to some of the ugliest cars on the market, now it is not that i want something prestigious or expensive, I just want something that doesn’t look like it was styled by a blind guy with one arm, who insists on being called “Tex”.

One may ask why this is so important, well if you don’t already know, I am a Graphic/Web/Print designer (in training) and as a result design is very important to me, right up there with economy and ahead of performance.

This Quandary sent me in search of a “Drivers car” which was economical, indeed a task easier said than done, I narrowed it down to a few smaller yet cool cars, after which, I threw the top few out of the running for simply being outright crazy expensive, I continued to simmer the mix down to come up with my next goal purchase…

The Mini Cooper S

Great handling, good economy, insanely good looks and nice performance, how do you beat that?

While this goal will take me a while to achieve, i think it will be worth it to my warped sense of style,

If any of you out there have had a drive of the Mini Cooper since its Acquisition by BMW, I would be very interested to hear your thoughts.

Sorry for my Ramblings i never said this blog would make sense now did i?