Well this one is dedicated to all you sadists out there who find my regular injuries entertaining, (ie:SPLcrew)

Today I was in town, just by the Reject shop, when i noticed a very sturdy hand-rail, un-able to resist the obvious temptation, i sailed over it with an elegant vault, needless to say i felt good about this, i turned and repeated the procedure, only this time it was not flawless, no, not by a long shot, somehow my feet caught on something as i went over the rail and rather than face-plant on the concrete, i had the presence of mind to re-grab the rail, my intention (like many other failed attempts in the past) was to hold on and swing under the rail, as a matter of fact, i pulled it off perfectly, however, i came to a sudden stop against the end of a block wall, right under the rail.

In the spirit of state of origin at the moment i connected square on my shoulder,however before i became aware o the pain, i noted i had knocked the top block off the wall, therefore, in-case you were wondering ~90kg man in pendulum motion produces enough kinetic energy to dislodge a concrete seated capstone without breaking a bone.

While i don’t think anything is broken, my shoulder is less than fun at the moment, just thought you might get a kick out of it, and for relevance, a pic i took at the scene of the crime.