Recently I have been giving a lot of thought to the Sabbath, and also reading a great book on the topic called “The Lost Meaning of the Seventh day” by Sigve Tonstad. When i was asked to preach at Rosedale i thought it was a great opportunity to collect my thoughts and put them into a sermon.

As a community of faith we are very good at explaining the “What” of the Sabbath but we are terrible at explaining the Why, so this sermon is squarely aimed at answering the “Why” and looking at how we can apply it to our expereince.

This is a very “in-house” sermon directed at Adventists. So if there is anyone out there who doesn’t get some of my references, my apologies for that.  However, if you are an Adventist it is my hope you will find this a refreshing look at why the Sabbath should be kept and how it should be shared with people who have not been exposed to the teaching before.

I do apologise for the recording, I totally forgot to hit the record button when I started preaching, so I missed all of the intro and opening story etc, if you need a compass, check my notes below, the recording starts at the end of the point regarding Exodus 20:8-12. It is my intention to re-record it in its entirety when I preach it again later in the year.

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