When I woke up this morning My throat was very sore, I was basically unable to speak. I had to exert some solid effort to whisper out “Good Morning” to Sarah.

It cleared up a little, but after a barrage of phone calls for work today, i am currently in possession of less voice than I did when I woke up. So since I knocked off for the day, my mouth has been off duty… Drinking and eating only… no talking.

For those of you who know me personally, you will know that my being unable to talk is a lot like breaking a runners legs, it is a frustrating experience! Especially considering I will be preaching tomorrow morning (I welcome your prayers on that one) but all of this enforced quiet time has led me to some interesting thoughts…

The significance of words

Words are powerful. With them we express the full range of human emotion, we use them to speak profound truths and unfortunately, sometimes lies. You could say that most of us shape our lives with our words.

But why are they so powerful?

Genesis 1:27 tells us that we are created in the very image of God, and do you know what is interesting about that statement? At that point of the Bible, the only action that God has taken is speech. “And God said, Let there be Light…” But what a powerful action! His word created everything.

We are made in His image and while we may not have the capacity to speak worlds into existence our words still bear the impress of the divine power they were modelled after. Let us take care to use them for God’s purposes.

Tomorrow, I will be preaching with whatever voice I have available and with any I have left over I want to build up and edify those around me. I invite you to do the same so we can all grow to be the people God planned for us to be.

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