Picture for a moment the time/space continuum, as innumerable glowing threads, spanning as far as the eye can see, with nothing but the inky black backdrop of space all around, the threads are bright, colourful and strong in some places, whilst they are tenuous and dim in others, each thread equals a life, individually, these threads are ineffectual wisps, barely able to hold themselves together, but… when placed in the hands of the Almighty Creator, they can be woven into an amazing tapestry.

Following this analogy, sometimes by choice and other times by the choices of others, your strand can detour significantly from your original path, placing a blemish in the weave of time, i know in my own life there have been several times my strand has snapped a 90 degree turn on me with little warning, and large consequences, but after every turn, (be it good or bad at the time) i can see that blemish in the weave of time has been used to form an integral part of the ever-changing masterpiece.

If you have Christ in your life, I believe there is no such thing as “Bad Luck” or chance, you are under his guidance as long as you choose to be and although we do make poor choices, his masterful hand can work them out for eternal good.

It is every persons right to decide for themselves what they believe
but the KEY to whatever you choose to believe is how it effects your life, that is the litmus test for any belief, how it effects your life, I know plenty of readers are not Christian, i am not even attempting to change your mind, thats not my job, but I can tell you how my beliefs effect my life.

Believing in the Bible’s teaching gives me a distinct mental edge in all study/work/business i engage in, if you believe you have a higher purpose and you know what that purpose is, it gives life awesome relevance, you can have eternal life, total peace and REAL joy instead of circumstantial happiness. if you want to know how, it is easier than you may think, all you have to do is get to know Jesus, and your life will change, in fact, i would guarantee it.

This is where Christians get a bad name, trying to make people conform to rule X, Y or Z, they’re looking at it from the wrong angle, good works/living a righteous life, are a RESULT of a relationship with the big man, not a pre-requisite, it is like an apple tree, it produces apples BECAUSE it is an apple tree, never in order to be one.

Christians in general need to stop judging people by what they THINK their lives should look like, if a person takes care of that relationship with Christ, they cant help but have a righteous life, this is what Christians should encourage people to do, rather than “To be saved, you can’t:drinksmokeswearkillhatehandstandpointandlaugh” it should be more “Here is how you get to know Jesus” God will clean up their lives, it is not our job to find fault… ok this Righteousness by faith topic is HUGE so I will leave it for another day, but you catch my drift.

The purpose of this post changed about 4 times during it’s writing, that is probably evident but I hope you could glean at least some cohesive information from it.


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