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Cairns trip: Day 3

I surfaced sometime around 7am, Had my morning devotions, then switched from recouperate mode to explore mode, I first found my way to the esplanade (which was a nice stroll) then I decided to hang a right and head back into...

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Cairns Trip: Day 2

‘KA-THUD’ my eyes flew open… it was… around 2:30am and we had just pulled into Rockhampton station the thud was the train pulling the handbrake on I guess, but it was just enough to dislodge my head from...

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Cairns Trip: Day 1

Mum and Dad brought me to the station after choir practice on monday night, of course, while waiting to board we started singing “This train is bound for glory” (for those of you who know that Praise chorus) as I got onto the...

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