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New Guitar Tanglewood TW70

It will be no surprise to friends or regular readers that I like guitars, all shapes and sizes are welcome as long as they are in tune… Well. it finally happenned. I have been playing guitar for 2 years… 90% of that...

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Morning Fellowship

“Brother” is not just your office fax or photocopier, God knew what he was doing when he made his church a family. I will shortly be on my way to the beach near my place to fellowship with a brother of mine, we get...

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My Dog

Sally has been the furry companion of our family for over 12 years, she is a truly unique animal with loads of character. I thought i would share one of her more interesting addictions… Click here for...

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NSW Part 3

This is a speedy message before my battery runs dry… I have made it as far as sccone on the trek home, and will hopefully be there tomorrow night… Since my last post i have been to see my uncle Dick, which was great,...

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