Spirit-Lead Humility

by | Nov 1, 2010 | Adventist, gospel, Sabbath

This Sabbath Just passed, I preached at my home church and God taught me a lesson in the process, so I thought I would share it…

In the lead up to this sermon, there was much study and prayer (certainly more than my previous sermons) in the past I have preached well and I have preached not-so-well, so this time I was determined to glorify God by diligent study and transmission of the word, as a matter of fact, having been thoroughly prepared, I practiced it all the way up to the Friday afternoon when I stood in my room and preached my heart out. I was satisfied that it was a convincing delivery which I could replicate in the morning.

All the way through the process I was praying that the instrument (me) would not be glorified but God would be, I went so far as to pray that those who hear would remember the message and forget the speaker, I wanted it to be all about God, and nothing to do with me.

When the time came and I stood before the family of God to speak, my lapel microphone decided to become faulty, and thus I had to retreat to the pulpit mic, not an horrible thing but it threw me off ever so slightly My start was rocky, the middle was not as bad but I thought the ending was terrible, so far removed from the eloquence of the previous afternoon of practice.

When I came to the end of the final prayer, feeling ashamed of my poor use of Gods Word, I could not even look at the people as I walked to the door. I was expecting a line of people issuing condolences or polite thank you’s depending on their level of sympathy, but instead God did something amazing.

I was greeted warmly by many but more than a few were deeply convicted by the Lord’s message, inspired to take action in their own lives. I was also surprised to hear that those on both the liberal and conservative ends of the congregation felt the message was long overdue and sound in doctrine.

After the day had drawn to a close, I went to God and said to him “Father, you sent your Spirit to attend your message but why did I fail so badly in my own sight?” and I felt his love in my heart when he replied that my prayer was answered, the instrument was not lifted up and glorified, but He was.

Even if I must go through the same trial each time, it is more than worth it if the His purpose is accomplished.

Thanks for reading.