Sermon Preparation

by | Aug 5, 2009 | Uncategorized

Well the time is fast approaching when I will be hiding behind the cross and delivering my first sermon, as we are now just two days away, I thought I would make a short post about it. It seems to have arrived all of a sudden and it is a little daunting but the overarching feeling is excitement, I cant wait to proclaim the gospel. as I am a person who likes to be prepared… make that over prepared, I feel as if I should have prepared more/better/sooner, however, I think if I had, I would be relying in my skills rather than the moving of the Holy Spirit.

Preaching is a spiritual transaction, not an intellectual one, so my greatest task this week is to fully surrender so the message will have not even the slightest hint of self in it. There is such amazing treasure to be found in the Gospel, studying it myself for this sermon has been a true growing experience as when you study it for yourself and you dig through the Word, you grasp and internalize that which you find much more readily than if you were to hear it second hand, so while preaching is a blessing to those who hear, I believe it is an even greater blessing to the one who is preparing and presenting it.

If you have every thought about preparing a sermon I strongly suggest you do so, even if you never plan on presenting it… you will grow spiritually…