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Web professional, podcaster, coach, packager of ideas, Amateur photographer, ENFJ-A. Not to mention the truly important things like husband, father, friend, son and follower of Jesus.
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Introducing Seth!

Introducing Seth!

Today is a very special edition. By now you all know I am a dad but I thought it is finally time to do a formal introduction. If you are the kind of person who groans at proud parents sharing baby photos, you may wish to look away.Having said that, I have tried to...

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Why The Sabbath

Why The Sabbath

Recently I have been giving a lot of thought to the Sabbath, and also reading a great book on the topic called "The Lost Meaning of the Seventh day" by Sigve Tonstad. When i was asked to preach at Rosedale i thought it was a great opportunity to collect my...

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If a spiritual podcast is more your thing…


This is a podcast that started as some fantastic spiritual conversations with my friends. The concept grew and we started recording.

We have such a great time recording these that we would do them even if no-one listened, but since there are people who seem to enjoy it, we will keep putting them out there.

If that sounds like something you would enjoy…

If you came for my web services check out Farbox

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I have been in the web industry for almost 10 years solving business problems using online technologies. I work with a small, very capable team to build effective web sites and marketing strategies for our clients.

If you are interested in having a chat to see if we can help you…

If you came for my Coaching services or industry Podcast…


Over the years I have learned many lessons the hard way, so I take great pleasure in smoothing the path for others.

To this end, my good friend, Jonathan Wold and I have teamed up to produce training materials and coach others who want to build their business by creating great clients. We also produce a podcast to share the value of our experience.

If you would like to learn more about Creating Clients.

If you are an Adventist Entrepreneur, Business owner or professional…

Adventist Business Network

There is a massive need in the Australian Adventist community for a network of Adventist business people that can facilitate professional and spiritual growth. Also providing a framework to mentor those who are new to the business world.

If you are interested…

If you are interested in where I spend a lot of time…

Hinkler Church

I am also heavily involved in my local church where I believe God is doing something really amazing.

If you are interested in what is happening over there, check out the website and Facebook page

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