Well it has been one full year since I was Baptized (see initial post) and what a year it has been… there have been many firsts and many steep learning curves, the road to maturity seems linear until baptism, at which point it becomes exponential, since being Baptized, I have been thrown in the proverbial “Deep end” leading the the youth Sabbath school, doing Bible studies, taking prelims, and as of August 8 I can add preaching a sermon to that list. If I did not have Christ Abiding in me I do not believe I would have been capable of the things I have have accomplished, that is not to say I am perfect or “good” at any of those things I mentioned, but the Lord is teaching me as I go along, Praise God he does not call the qualified, He qualifies the called.

As an example, when I was first asked to teach the youth sabbath school, the lessons started out being a long way below par, but the heavenly teacher worked with me through experience and some very understanding and patient participants to be able to take the class effectively, I have gone from being terrified of teaching, complete with sweaty palms and that sick feeling in ones stomach, to someone who is quite comfortable teaching the Sabbath School lesson.

I still occupy a place on the Media team at church, and have the pleasure of serving as the assistant youth leader, but now, a year on… what next?

The simple answer is “I don’t know” that is in the Lord’s hands, but I have faith that he will reveal it to me as I go along, I plan to continue to serve where I am, and would like the opportunity to preach and grow that talent, but ultimately I would like to organize my working life to allow me to work and Bible work, that will likely mean some training but when the Lord leads me to do so, I will know the time is right.

In short it has been the best year of my life. If anyone out there is struggling with committing to the Lord through baptism, I would love to have a chat to you and encourage you.


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