My Path To Belief

by | Jan 24, 2008 | Life

Well from the very outset, my life has had some events and occurances which serve to bolster my Christian beliefs, but that is a blog for another day, in this blog, I hope to share my personal reasons for belief rather than the reasons of others bestowed upon me.

I was what I would call an hereditary Christian until my early teens when my very wise parents advised me to look for myself, i did a fair bit of research of eastern and western religions, I could not dismiss religion altogether, as there is just TOO much evidence in the world around me attesting to Intelligent and masterful design (again i will discuss my feelings on evolution vs. creation in another post too) but which one was telling the truth?

When you break the world religions down they are based on a few standard things, however Christianity is the only one i could see which was about helping others in a genuine way, all the others are self focussed even the others…. which promote goodness and helping others…. the motivation is different, it is based on your works.

Having established Christianity as the Basis of my belief, what about all the flavours of it? Catholic, Baptist, Pentecostal, Methodist, Lutheran and the myriad of others, well, then you have to perform some analysis on their doctrines, being Christian i accept the Bible as the inspired word of God (Why I believe it is accurate and inspired etc is also for another post {man, i did not realise this post would give me so much extra to say}) therefore the next logical step is to compare the religions to the Bible.

Wether you are Christian or not, the basics outlined in the 10 commandments are still the conerstone of our current system (thou shalt not steal/kill etc), if you hold churches up against them, you quickly see the holes in their doctrine where the Bible’s teachings have not been convenient for the forefathers, really the only church I could really see which complied with all 10 and agreed with the prophesies stated in the Bible was the Seventh Day Adventist church.

Now, before you get all excited, i know the people of the church have not been the most warm, welcoming or popular around, but that is the mistake so many people make, they look at the people when they should be looking at God. The main calling card of Adventism is the 4th commandment, “Remember the Sabbath day and keep it holy” (this goes on for several lines defining the sabbath)(Sabbath meaning Saturday), that takes care of the “Seventh Day” part, and the “Adventist” part is all about looking forward to the Second Coming of Christ and him taking the faithful home with him.

These days I still attend the Seventh Day Adventist church and am an active member of the AV team etc, and even though it is not perfect, God will see that it does his will.

Thanks for reading.


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