Mona Lisa or Davinci

by | Dec 10, 2016 | gospel

Have you ever questioned God?
Wondered why He allows bad things to happen to good people?
Asked Him why you didn’t get that job?
Why you feel alone?
In many cases, I believe these questions have powerful biblical answers that we could explore, but even if I was able to share convincing answers to those questions, there would still be a million more questions in need of the same treatment, so today it is only my intention to give you a “thought tool” that you can apply to your own questions as you seek to answer your own questions.
This tool is one that I have found personally helpful.
Ironically, the tool starts with its own question…
“What is more complex, the Mona Lisa or DaVinci himself?”
The answer is obvious, Da Vinci was a genius polymath who is still fascinating people today, five hundred years after his death. Yes, the Mona Lisa may be his most famous painting and a true work of art that thousands of people go to see each year, but in the end it is just a painting…
Some canvas, some pigmentation, a frame… but what bestows such incredible value upon the piece?
Its creator.
It was DaVinci’s skill and creativity that made the Mona Lisa what it is. In fact that is the only reason the painting has any value at all!
Now, lets flip the script. No longer are we talking about DaVinci and Mona Lisa, we’re talking about God and us. Just look how complex we are. We are only now scratching the surface of what makes our own reality tick but God is the one who made it, not just us, but the entire reality that we inhabit!
If His creation is so incredibly complex, how much more interesting and complex must God be?
God must then be infinitely deeper and more complex than His creation. If we believe that, AND we believe that God is love as scripture teaches, we have all the tools we need to trust that we will work out whatever the pain point is that we are living through right now.
Just like Mona Lisa had confidence that old Leo knew what he was doing, so too we can have confidence that our great Creator holds us in the palm of His hand and will lead us safely through.

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