I Serve a Great God

by | Mar 8, 2008 | Adventist, Life, Tech

Ok, I know not all you out there are of a Christian mind and i respect that but for those of you who are…

Here is something awesome that happened today… today was the regional day at Church where (in our case) the 3 churches in our “Region” all come to one church and the conference president for SE QLD comes and says “Hi” (basically they take the church service/sermon and in the arvo, show a presentation of what happened over the last year in our division plus statistics/numbers et al.)

Our musical team includes an organ, a piano and a guitar (with an occasional sax) while the worship leader leads with a keyboard but today just before worship began, the KB amp went dark, died, karked it, croaked, whatever you want to call it is fine with me, the end-game was we have no KB and that is NOT GOOD, being a church there are many wise people about, from the upstairs sound room, I saw 2 people go and kneel over the amp and begin to pray, I couldn’t think of anything so I joined them with a silent prayer from where I was seated at the sound desk…

I then went about my business, basically ignoring that part of the situation, suddenly I felt impressed to go down and see if there was anything I missed… I ran down the stairs, had a look, and it was still obvious that something in there was toasted, so the next logical link in the chain of thought is to hook the keyboard straight upto the church soundsystem, however, the plugs I had access to were not the same type as what was required for the Keyboard

I then had an impression so strong it was almost as if someone had literally told me, “The Conference guy has one” now I know it sounds odd, but much earlier he had mentioned this handy adaptor he had for his laptop should we need it, (we didn’t) so i ran through the pews to this guy and asked him for that adapter he was reffering to earlier, he looked more than a little confused as he gave it to me and as you have likely guessed it was the exact adapter I needed, 2 clicks and the worship service was better than ever.

Later I Discovered that those two wonderful ladies who prayed, did not pray for it to be fixed, They prayed for God to Send someone to fix it, it was a simple fix but i take no credit for thinking of it, that was the Greatest Technician of all.

Hope that bought you some light.