Mum and Dad brought me to the station after choir practice on monday night, of course, while waiting to board we started singing “This train is bound for glory” (for those of you who know that Praise chorus) as I got onto the train I was partially lost, as I was in a corridor with seemingly locked compartments and one luggage rack, when I found my way to the end I was in no better condition as there was just a locked glass door, which I could not see through or open.

However! there was a talkative guy who appeared behind me and had played this game before, as he put his bag on the luggage rack he asked me “So… this train is bound for glory is it?” I replied “Sure is.” with a chuckle he then asked “are you bound for glory?” I gave a grin “Most definately.” he continued to chuckle as he turned and pressed the huge, bright Yellow button that said “Press to open Door” (thats me, Mr. Observant) and we both walked through into the cabin where he was kind enough to point out my seat.

It turns out he was a serious athlete back in his hayday… so fit, his heart-rate was about 40bpm, somehow he lost his leg which put an end to that, but I kid you not, he walks so well on his artificial one he gets around this jostling train better than I do…

Anyway I stayed awake watching the movie until after midnight and playing with the in-seat screen, churning out the first of my many Twitter status updates. until I finally dozed off…

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